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We believe there is a beautiful simplicity in sharing a meal with one another. Shared tables mean shared lives, and at the Trailhead Cafe we invite you to share your life adventure with another over good food and beautiful surroundings. 


Our goal is to bring you the best breakfast and lunch experience in Northern Colorado. Sourcing our ingredients through reputable vendors and supporting local is a priority to our team. You will find that our menu reflects the Colorado lifestyle; healthy, casual, and quality.

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Care creates quality. And, we believe that community is built around a table where quality is served with warmth and love. This is why we produce our handcrafted beverages with fresh ingredients and the finest single origin coffee available. Colorado Coffee Company gives back 10% of its profits to support the economic development of the communities where each coffee cherry is hand picked. Gather is our heart, and we believe that care is what brings us all to the table both locally and globally.

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 375 Meadowlark Dr. Berthoud, CO