Family Style Pick Up Menu only through April 17th

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We are so excited to be bringing a contact free meal pick up menu to the community! This menu will be taking the place of our breakfast and lunch service from now through (tentatively) April 17th.


All meals will come with heating instructions and can be frozen as well.


Pay It Forward-

We love our community! You can donate a meal to another community member in need! These funds will provide food to the most vulnerable during this time: including healthcare workers & first responders


All orders can be made online by clicking below! 

Order by 12n on Wednesday

- For pickup Friday 9am-12n

Order by 12n on Friday

- For pickup Tuesday 9am-12n



Whether you want to enjoy some of the best views Northern Colorado has to offer, or cozy up to the fireplace, there’s a space for you at the Trailhead. Our bar seating offers a place for you to soak up the view while you work on a project, and our comfortable couches are a great place to meet with a friend. Trailhead Cafe’s upscale vibe makes it the perfect place to host a casual business meeting or gather with some friends over a good cup of coffee and a handcrafted meal. 



We believe that gathering around a good meal is the best way to create a memorable experience. Our menu features fresh ingredients with a contemporary and exciting twist. 



Care creates quality. And, we believe that community is built around a table where quality is served with warmth and love. This is why we produce our handcrafted beverages with fresh ingredients and the finest single origin coffee available. Redemption Road coffee gives back 10% of its profits to support the economic development of the communities where each coffee cherry is hand picked. Gather is our heart, and we believe that care is what brings us all to the table both locally and globally.